Do It Yourself First Person View Drone

becoming a FPV drone racer

My Journey

Everything Started with a video of what I thought were very expensive, NASA-kind-of-staff flying objects some MIT (I know NASA/MIT) genius were testing for a very important mission to defend our planet, but... It end up being drones flown by teen to middle aged guys with funny goggles (FPV).
Soon after finishing the video, I started researching drones, First Person VIew, and every single term in the FPV Drone Racing world (Please see the FPV drone dictionary here)

Do not think for a moment that I'm a drone racer (yet), I do not even have a drone! I started this website because of the vast information there is about drones, racing drones, FPV drones, FPV racing Drones (look at those key words!) in the internet, and did not know where to start. In a way this is a blog about my journey through the process of becoming a drone racer. I hope this helps at least one person that is as interested but lost as I was a few days ago.

So why DIY FPV Drone? the more a learned about drones specially FPV Racing ones, is that you are going to crash...not once or twice, you are going to crash a lot, so you either have a lot of money or learn how to fix your drone. Since I am in a "drone budget" I decided that first I will "DIY" my first drone (Do-It-Myself-Drone DIMD, just came up with it) because it will be the best way to learn about drones, how they work and best of all how to fix it myself and second that i will document my DIY FVP Drone in a Budjet journey.